1. To prepare students for successful careers in industry to meet challenging demands of their profession and instil a desire to learn continuously.
  2. To provide students a strong foundation in Accountancy, Statistics, Office operation, Skills and sound basic theoretical knowledge along with required practical skills in the core areas of business and industry, Shorthand, Typewriting and Computers.
  3. To inculcate team-work capabilities and communication skills among students through seminars, projects and industry interactions.
  4. To create awareness on environmental issues and commitment towards professional ethics and social responsibilities and need for lifelong learning.

Aims and Objectives of College

  1. Provide Quality Technical Education facilities to every student admitted to the Polytechnic
  2. Provide excellent support facilities like laboratory, library and internet required for good education on a continuous basis.
  3. Promote teachers for quality improvement including their academic and professional development.
  4. To undertake and organize social and cultural activities and promote friendly relation between the old students and present students.
  5. Help students for personality development and career guidance.
  6. To produce technically competent, quality conscious diploma engineers.